Pick your Battles:) May 23 2016

  It’s all about the highs and lows…and I don’t mean your love life, work projects, or mood swings. It refers to your wardrobe and how you maximize your style and budget. Immediately when a fashionista mentions a high-low I think of a day dress. Not here. I’m going offer my input on when to pick your battles when it comes to shopping.

   When at your fav boutique or at the mall, pretend you are a tiger. Slow, calculated, a predator, and quick to spot your prey. It’s really not that intense…it’s just shopping, lol. The meaning behind my terrible metaphor is to be a savvy shopper. Knowing when you splurge on your next prey or settle for a safari snack just to curb your appetite.

   If your closet is stocked with all high-priced pieces, you’ll be broke in no time. Fashion is not worth it, and believe me, I love fashion. Shopping name brands all the time is kind of tacky these days. So not worth it if I haven’t expressed it enough. There’s a fine line walking between timeless and trendy. High-priced items can be disguised as either. You’ll only find out a year or two later. No fun in that game. As a stylist, I advise to incorporate a mix of both high-priced and budget-friendly looks. You’ll thank me later.

   One recent summertime find is these pink & grey floral slip-ons by Mad Love, courtesy of Target. What a cute, easy-to-wear, and affordable shoe! Available on clearance for only $9.99 at most stores. Can’t beat that deal, which allows you to splurge a little more on other fab finds. The “Mariah Shorties” are a summer must and still reasonably priced ($69 at TADofstyle.com). Check out the pic here to get in the summer savvy shopper mood!