Go Global:) May 23 2016

Summer is a time for traveling to exotic places, being in the sun, and sporting global glam! This time of year means fashion goes international. I can’t help but getting in the seasonal style. The trend is colorful patterns, beading, rope, leather, and other bright accessories. It gives a tropical punch to your favorite resortwear looks. This trend is definitely not for the office. I suggest saving this wild style for the weekend’s relaxing outfits. This should only be worn in small doses, not to overwhelm your head-to-toe look. That’s a TADtip that will come in handy when shopping. Consider adding a boho accessory to your wardrobe, such as: a sandal, beach bag, necklace, or scarf. Take note of the pic here. I’ve paired a tie-dye maxi dress with a red & gold tribal beaded necklace. Obsessed! To replicate this resort look, shop it at TADofstyle.com.