The Key to Savvy Shopping! June 07 2016

    I used to lovvvve real key accessories when I was little. Remember Janet Jackson’s earring in her Control video?? Eeeek that totally just aged me. Whatever, I’m an eighties baby…there I said it. It was super cool to take an old key, put it on a chain for a necklace or a hoop for an earring. I did it. We all did it. Now, the trend is back. This time with a twist. Manufacturers are engraving inspirational words on the metal. For example, “love,” “courage,” and “strength.” How cute is that?! So here’s a savvy shopping story for ya. While I was at the Mart shopping in Atlanta, which by the way is a shopaholic’s dream drug! I found these fabulous metal keys engraved with sayings on long metal chains. They weren’t fresh, clean gold but darker, worn metal. So unique…so I had to buy for my customers.

    Then, about a month later, Im browsing around Nordstroms in Tampa. I go all the way to Tampa since they stupidly took Nordstroms out of Orlando. Don’t even GET me started!! While I was in the accessories department, I found very similar key necklaces. I was so excited that my wholesale purchase for TADofstyle was on point. As I’m comparing pieces, I got even more excited when I saw their price. Nordstroms was selling their almost EXACT pieces for double what I charge. Yasssss! Nordstroms Key Necklaces: $40. TADofstyle Key Necklaces:$18. I was on trend AND on the money. If you’re into this new trend, be a savvy shopper and get the look for less at Happy Shopping Ladies!