Cut it OUT! June 28 2016

    The big trend right now is peek-a-boo cut outs. You see it everywhere from the red carpet to skinny jeans. I happen to be a big fan. It adds a little edge without looking trashy, lol. Isn't that what all girls want?;) When rockin' this look, make sure your cut-outs aren't too big. It should be subtle and sophisticated...note back to the not trashy comment. Small slices of skin are in! They can accentuate your ribs, abs, and shoulders. Here's a TAD tip...only cut out one or two places at a time....again refer back to the not trashy comment. This look is here to stay all summer long so take advantage of this sexy, chic style! On my site,, you can order the Kylie Cut-Out Dress for a really reasonable price. So check it out! Only one left here in stock! xx, TAD