The Key to Savvy Shopping! June 07 2016

    I used to lovvvve real key accessories when I was little. Remember Janet Jackson’s earring in her Control video?? Eeeek that totally just aged me. Whatever, I’m an eighties baby…there I said it. It was super cool to take an old key, put it on a chain for a necklace or a hoop for an earring. I did it. We all did it. Now, the trend is back. This time with a twist. Manufacturers are engraving inspirational words on the metal. For example, “love,” “courage,” and “strength.” How cute is that?! So here’s a savvy shopping story for ya. While I was at the Mart shopping in Atlanta, which by the way is a shopaholic’s dream drug! I found these fabulous metal keys engraved with sayings on long metal chains. They weren’t fresh, clean gold but darker, worn metal. So unique…so I had to buy for my customers.

    Then, about a month later, Im browsing around Nordstroms in Tampa. I go all the way to Tampa since they stupidly took Nordstroms out of Orlando. Don’t even GET me started!! While I was in the accessories department, I found very similar key necklaces. I was so excited that my wholesale purchase for TADofstyle was on point. As I’m comparing pieces, I got even more excited when I saw their price. Nordstroms was selling their almost EXACT pieces for double what I charge. Yasssss! Nordstroms Key Necklaces: $40. TADofstyle Key Necklaces:$18. I was on trend AND on the money. If you’re into this new trend, be a savvy shopper and get the look for less at Happy Shopping Ladies!  

Keep your Boyfriend for the Summer!;) May 25 2016

I have to say…boyfriend jeans are here to stay in a big way! This spring is all about casual and comfortable. A light blue pair of distressed baggies will keep you on trend without looking like you’re trying to hard. I suggest keeping colored jeans as skinnies. A beautiful blue hue will do the trick. Stick with lighter shades moving into spring and summer. I say time to put those dark jeans away for fall and bring the boyfriend!
Find the “Charlie” Boyfriend Jean online at, $98.

Go Global:) May 23 2016

Summer is a time for traveling to exotic places, being in the sun, and sporting global glam! This time of year means fashion goes international. I can’t help but getting in the seasonal style. The trend is colorful patterns, beading, rope, leather, and other bright accessories. It gives a tropical punch to your favorite resortwear looks. This trend is definitely not for the office. I suggest saving this wild style for the weekend’s relaxing outfits. This should only be worn in small doses, not to overwhelm your head-to-toe look. That’s a TADtip that will come in handy when shopping. Consider adding a boho accessory to your wardrobe, such as: a sandal, beach bag, necklace, or scarf. Take note of the pic here. I’ve paired a tie-dye maxi dress with a red & gold tribal beaded necklace. Obsessed! To replicate this resort look, shop it at 

I DIE for Denim! May 23 2016


    So many things are here one day, and gone the next…boyfriends, money, and those last few pounds you want to lose. One thing that is tried and true, always to you…denim. It’s here to stay people. It’s the signature style of the good ‘ol USA for goodness sake. Denim has evolved and has gone retro time and time again. Fitting and flattering on most body types, denim is everything!!! Take for example the jean skirt. Cool when I was an 80’s kid, medium when I was in high school, then an absolute NO as an adult. However, when a designer puts a modern spin on things, my style taste buds go nuts! Have I seen a destroyed denim skirt done right?? Nope. Not until now. I’m obsessed with Signature’s new take on this timeless classic jean skirt. It’s edgy rips are perfect for it’s color…the signature Levi’s blue. You won’t find this piece often! Shop this look on The “Dina Denim Skirt” is only $89 and will stay a staple in your wardrobe. xx, TAD

My Style Time in NYC! May 23 2016

    Don’t you love it when clients appreciate your hard work, talent, and personality? I was lucky in my career thus far to be given an exciting and unexpected opportunity of a lifetime. Proving that you actually might know what you’re doing in your career? Thank God someone else sees it besides yourself:) Well I have a fun story I’d like to share. Hopefully, it will inspire other fashionistas and stylists to enjoy the ride leading to big rewards.

   I have been styling a family in Winter Park, Florida for about six months now. Doing everything from personal shopping, alterations, wardrobe assessments, and closet clean-outs. Their daughter, Caroline, is graduating high school this year. She needed professional pics taken to use in her graduation announcements and to document such a huge milestone in her life. Fortunately, her godparents are professional photographers working on the upper east side of NYC. Of course they wanted to shoot such a monumental moment. So the family traveled to NYC to get her pics taken. As her stylist, we prepped her from outfits, hair and to make-up. Gotta find the perfect looks! Being eighteen is a big deal! Then out of the blue, the family asked if I wanted to join them for the weekend up in NYC. I was beyond shocked. Caroline wants me to be on set with her? The family wants to spend three days with me in the city! Like I said…beyond shocked. I was so unsure not wanting to intrude on their special time. However, they insisted I be included. So I decided to go. Not just for the opportunity, but because I truly enjoy spending time with this beautiful family.

   Three days in NYC, here we come. We had such a fun time seeing the sights, eating good food, visiting Little Italy, etc. The shopping there isn’t too bad either;) Now let me describe the amazing experience styling Caroline’s shoot. Gotta get her prepped. Her hair, makeup, wardrobe…the works. I wanted her to feel like a million bucks and have the princess treatment. This was graduating high school in style! I mean who has a photoshoot stylist travel to New York. Caroline is one lucky young lady. I got her prepped and ready for set. Her godparents started inside with studio shots. Two looks, excellent lighting, and dressed to perfection. I couldn’t have been happier the way it turned out. Her godfather let me take a few sneak peeks at his camera;) Most people don’t realize the value of having a photoshoot stylist physically on set. It’s about looking and feeling your best so the photog can get the perfect shot. I helped move every hair in place, posing her body to show off her curves while staying skinny. Ya know…girl stuff!

   Then we took the shoot to Central Park. It was the most beautiful scenery, but the coldest weather. In early March it was 37 degrees! Being a Florida girl, I couldn’t even comprehend 37 degrees. Unfortunately, I packed cute fall-season garb. I froze my ass off to say the least! Caroline was freezing during her shoot, but I felt helpful keeping her warm during quick wardrobe changes and the windy conditions. I learned so much about how to work with the photographer. It’s important to know your place and not interfere too much with the photog’s vision. You see, the photographer needs to be focusing on catching the light, keeping bystanders out of the shot, and portraying the essence of the moment. My job was to keep her happy, pumped up, and feeling beautiful. With those conditions, it wasn’t easy to re-apply gloss, touch-up hair, move clothing to make her outfits look fab, and keep her working the camera. I have to say this was such a fun and gratifying experience. A career opp I’ll remember and appreciate forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!