Getting the Shot!!! August 15 2016

    What an 18hr whirlwind! Last week I was asked to style a photoshoot. A super sweet woman and her male business partner needed new pics for a press release. It was to announce their new position in the insurance world. What a cool opportunity! Her name was Negar, a beautiful and super petite chick. Usually I offer my clients to use my TADofstyle clothes in their photoshoots. However, Negar was so tiny we used her own wardrobe. As for Phil, her partner, he brought his own digs too. TAD doesn't provide men's clothing...yet;)  I spoke with Negar the night right before the morning of the shoot. I typically do a free 1/2 hour consultation to get our game plan together. She was so excited, and her energy got me pumped up to style this dynamic duo! We chatted outfits, what to bring, makeup, hair, accessories, and timeline of events. The photographer was working with them for 2hrs so we had a lot of time to get tons of shots with wardrobe changes. That's my favorite kind of shoot!

    Negar came to my studio the next morning at 8a with everything in tow. We hit it off right away! What a relief! We first went over her wardrobe options. Since this was a professional shoot, we kept it classy and modern. Exactly what she was wanting. We narrowed it down to two looks that were perfect for her tiny frame. Then Phil arrived, coffee a flowin!' I coordinated his shirt, tie, and jacket options to Negar's looks. It worked out perfectly. Very dapper, yet personable. A perfect combo for the professional man. 

    Now on to the glam! Second cup of coffee under our belts, I did her makeup first. It's important to go a little heavier for pictures, but still light colors not to distract. Another TAD tip for ya. Then onto the hair. Negar asked me to put her clip-ins on to add some body. It's a great idea for photos...another TAD tip. They can be purchased to match your hair color at Beauty Supply stores. I highly recommend them. I put some curls in with my wand, and boom! She was a bombshell.

    The photographer came early to set up lighting and took some fabulous indoor portrait shots of the two together and separately. I touched them up as needed. Also, twisting and turning them to get some on point poses. Then we headed out to the streets of Park Ave, Winter Park. Rose Reid, owner of Rose Reid Photography captured great candid shots and more relaxed action photos. Those off-the-cuff moments really capture the essence of the subjects. Again, I was there every step of the way. Touching them up, adjusting their poses, directing the shots, and applying gloss over and over, lol! So why do you need a photoshoot stylist? It's sooo important! You spend the money on a talented photographer that handles the lighting, editing, and getting "the shot." My job is to make the subjects look and feel their best during the process. Why spend the money and not have it be more than you imagined? I love my job. I help bring out the excitement and confidence in people. Also, who doesn't love to get dressed up, glammed up, and turned up?! I had such a great experience. Negar and Phil are so pleased with Rose's finished product. They landed the press release pics and rocked it! Couldn't be happier for them!!!