I DIE for Denim! May 23 2016


    So many things are here one day, and gone the next…boyfriends, money, and those last few pounds you want to lose. One thing that is tried and true, always to you…denim. It’s here to stay people. It’s the signature style of the good ‘ol USA for goodness sake. Denim has evolved and has gone retro time and time again. Fitting and flattering on most body types, denim is everything!!! Take for example the jean skirt. Cool when I was an 80’s kid, medium when I was in high school, then an absolute NO as an adult. However, when a designer puts a modern spin on things, my style taste buds go nuts! Have I seen a destroyed denim skirt done right?? Nope. Not until now. I’m obsessed with Signature’s new take on this timeless classic jean skirt. It’s edgy rips are perfect for it’s color…the signature Levi’s blue. You won’t find this piece often! Shop this look on The “Dina Denim Skirt” is only $89 and will stay a staple in your wardrobe. xx, TAD